At Forensic Control, we extract and analyse data contained in computers and other data storage devices to give our clients a record of how and when incidents occurred. Digital evidence can often make or break cases, but it must be preserved quickly, extracted, analysed and presented to an exacting standard to be admissible. As some of the leading computer forensic experts in the UK, we have provided evidence from hundreds of devices for corporate, private and legal investigations.

Our digital forensic investigators have been analysing digital data since 2008, offering a broad range of forensic data analysis for our clients. As more business is conducted online, we have become a leader in helping companies uncover misconduct, abuse, and fraud, and our introduction to computer forensics is the most visited online resource explaining this fast-growing area.

Our work is carried out in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence.

Digital & Computer Forensics Services In London

Computer forensics experts based in London since 2008. We investigate data breaches, phishing, invoice fraud, employee misconduct, IP theft & more.

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Computer Forensics Analysis: How it Works

We use the latest computer forensics software, technology, and procedures to ensure that we create the most comprehensive account of an incident. We provide a tailored approach according to the needs of each individual case.

We have helped a broad range of businesses and crime and law enforcement agencies to access the digital evidence they need. Here are some common steps we take in each computer forensic investigation case to help substantiate claims of intellectual property theft, misuse of company assets, fraud, and other misconduct:

Collecting data

Collecting data quickly is key to preventing tampering or destruction. We can get to you speedily, or receive your devices at our offices in London. We can also remotely collect data from Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox and other cloud services.

Device imaging

Disk imaging involves creating an exact forensic replica of data stored on a computer, mobile phone, memory stick or other device. The replicated data is then used in our analysis. Preserving original data is just one of the measures we take to ensure that our computer forensic analysis can be used as court-admissible evidence.

Recovering deleted data

Gone for good? Not exactly. “Deleted” doesn’t necessarily mean “unrecoverable”. We can identify and recover files and other data which have been deleted from a system. Such data often are key to identifying and understanding incidents of misconduct.

Data identification

We search, identify, and categorise all relevant data to the investigation. Our rigorous techniques extract chat logs, email chains and show how, and when, data has been moved. We leave no stone unturned to piece together a past incident – if the data exists, we will find it.

Data analysis

Using industry-leading tools, our computer forensics investigators analyse data in line with client requirements. Piecing together retrieved data can help identify possible suspects, uncover patterns of misconduct, and evidence of fraud. Years of experience enables our investigators to do this quickly and instinctively.

Reporting – in plain English

At the end of this process, we will submit a detailed, easy-to-understand report outlining our findings and assessing the evidence that we discovered during the digital forensic investigation. We can explain how our findings can support your claim and help you to decide how to proceed.

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Forensic examination of a single computer costs £3,500 plus VAT.

What’s Included:

  • Create a forensic disk image (exact copy) of the device
  • Analysis of data in accordance with your requirements
  • Provision of a report written in plain English
  • Compliance with industry best practice to ensure admissibility of the findings

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What our clients say

Robert Lloyd, Partner, Caytons Law

“Forensic Control assisted us with the investigation into a civil case that consisted of highly intricate and concealed IT issues. ‌They produced two expert reports that were very well presented and dealt with the issues in a clear and succinct manner.‌”

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Marcus Rowland, Partner, Wiggin LLP

“The help Forensic Control provided in connection with the investigation of a complex case of suspected IP theft was invaluable – not only were you quick and easy to deal with but your analysis was extremely thorough and well presented.  I would have no hesitation recommending your services to others‌”

review stars

Damian McPhun, Beale & Co.

“Solid forensic skills and well written expert report for use in litigation. Good response time and reasonable fees. Would recommend.”

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