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What we do

computer forensics

Computer Forensics

Since our formation in 2008, we have worked on hundreds on investigations into computer use. We can provide you with a solid case producing all the relevant emails and documents and other files from your computers and servers with easy-to-read reports written in plain English.

cyber security

Cyber Security

Through the Cyber Essentials scheme, we provide an affordable, attainable certification designed to help you considerably reduce your exposure to cyber attacks and data loss.This certification provides organisations with an effective, robust buffer against most common cyber risks.

Insider threat

Insider threat

We offer insider threat risk assessments based on the practices of the world-renowned Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Insider Threat Center. We help prevent the common problem of cyberattacks from employees and other insiders.

intruder dashboard

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

We provide affordable, ongoing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests that audit your websites and internet-facing servers. We alert you to software vulnerabilities and exploits sooner than if you relied on one-off or occasional tests.

Staff Background Checks

Staff Background Checks

Background Checks protect your business and other staff. In our analysis of data breaches, we frequently encounter situations where appropriate background checking could well have brought to light questions over the staff’s suitability for the role, and prevented the company from having assets stolen or destroyed, and from the suffering the associated costs of such an event.