Forensic Control

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We help organisations by assessing, preventing and responding to cyber attacks and threats

Forensic Control is a cyber security consultancy, launched in 2008 by Jonathan Krause following his career in the Metropolitan Police as a digital forensic investigator. Today Forensic Control are are certified Cyber Essentials partners and provide a number of cyber security services to organisations in the UK and globally

Our model is simple.


Understand your security posture and any risks that need addressing


Employ and obtain the necessary solutions to safeguard against attacks


Know how to respond in an event to ensure safe and effective forensic investigation

How we help you leave less to chance

Our goal is to assess, prevent and respond to cyber threats and data breaches, giving our clients peace of mind that they will be supported at every step of their cyber security journey.

No matter the size of your business, what sector you are in or where you are in your cyber security journey we can support you to eliminate risk and secure your critical business data.

We support our clients with:


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Essentials Plus

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Cyber Essentials & Plus Combined

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Posture Reviews

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Forensic Investigations

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Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Our core service starts with helping organisations achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, the UK’s mot popular cyber security standards. Our team of expert assessors walk our clients through the entire process ensuring minimum stress and maximum results.

We provide unlimited support to ensure that all applicants can pass first time.

Security Posture Reviews

We carry out a detailed assessment of your full security posture, covering policy, processes and technology platforms. 

We then analyse your security posture against industry best practices and standards, such as the NCSC 10 steps, or the NIST Cyber Security Framework

At the end of the review we provide a full report and recommend remediations that will align you with best practice and your security goals. 

Digital Forensic Investigations

We provide expert forensic investigation of cyber attacks, IP theft, fraud, or any other area of dispute. Our discreet service ensures our clients are provided with an in-depth, independent report needed to settle disputes, including being used as evidence in court. We also have years of experience in forensically collecting data from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other cloud platforms in legal discovery work.


With expert consultancy from our Cyber Security team, we work with our clients on a range of projects; from general advice about their Cyber security posture, to monthly advisory calls and remote IT/CISO services.

Penetration Testing

Our CREST-qualified penetration testers use a number of tools to search for exploitable issues and provide tailored remediation recommendations for security issues identified on your web apps, APIs, firewalls and websites.

We recommend that this is conducted at least quarterly – and ideally monthly – giving you peace of mind that emerging exploits will be identified and patched before they cause problems.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automated scans of devices, IPs and URLs. They are typically run against a network of end user devices (usually laptops), and help to quickly identify vulnerabilities in software and operating systems. 

We provide Vulnerability scanning on a regular monthly, quarterly or ad hoc basis giving you peace of mind you are keeping on top of any risks in your IT infrastructure.


Our other services are bespoke depending on our clients needs, and the scope of the project. Our process is simple:

Book a discovery call

Project scoping

Agree project with a Statement of Work

Our technical team works closely with you

Project delivered

Review of any remediation and recommendations for ongoing support.