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How Much Does Cyber Essentials Certification Cost in 2023

The cost of Cyber Essentials (verified self-assessment) varies depending on the size of your organisation. Our packages start from £1,000 +VAT read on to find out more.



Cyber Essentials Certification Cost

Cyber Essentials is an easy and cost-effective method of bolstering your company’s digital security credentials. It’s suitable for all types of companies, including organisations with a high volume of remote workers. The UK government-backed scheme is designed to help address common weaknesses without having to spend a fortune taking on new IT staff or overhauling your cyber security practices. Forensic Control offers a number of packages to suit different businesses.

What does Cyber Essentials certification cost in 2023?

Our Cyber Essentials service supplies detailed guidance, example ‘model’ answers and unlimited help to assist you with your responses. When we’re certain you’re ready to pass, we’ll submit your responses and issue your certificate.

  • Micro organisation (under 10 staff) costs  £1,100 +VAT
  • Small organisations (10-49 staff) costs £1,350 +VAT.
  • Medium organisations (50-249 staff) costs £1,600 +VAT.
  • Large organisations (250+ staff) costs £1,650 +VAT.

You can sign up to certify to Cyber Essentials on our sign-up page

The National Cyber Security Centre introduced a tiered charging system in January 2022. Until that point, the scheme hadn’t updated its prices since being introduced seven years earlier. Please note, that these charges are for the certificate only, and include no assistance or consultancy. It’s also worth noting that in April this year, some of the guidance and requirements are being changed. To learn more, click here.

IASME’s Charges

  • Micro organisation (under 10 staff) costs  £300 +VAT
  • Small organisations (10-49 staff) costs £400 +VAT.
  • Medium organisations (50-249 staff) costs £450 +VAT.
  • Large organisations (250+ staff) costs £500 +VAT.

NCSC’s Head of Commercial Assurance Services, Anne W, explains the new pricing structure:

“This price change reflects the increasing levels of rigour that go into every assessment.

“While Cyber Essentials is designed to help any organisation attain a minimum level of cyber security, the assessment process can be quite complex. We want to continue to ensure this important scheme remains accessible to every business, no matter their size.”

Other costs

These are not the only costs associated with obtaining your certification.

Many organisations will need to do some work on their digital infrastructure to ensure it aligns with the five controls the scheme is based on:

  • Firewalls
  • Patch management
  • Anti-malware software
  • Access controls
  • Network configurations

This cost will vary dramatically depending on your current infrastructure, the size of your business and how well you have been maintaining your systems. Forensic Control will take an in-depth look at how you’re currently working and make suggestions to ensure that you pass the first time, saving you time and money in the long run. We offer a unique hand-holding service, including unlimited phone and email support for the duration of the certification process.

The cost of Cyber Essentials Plus in 2023

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification is the next step in digital security for your business. It must be completed within three months of your Cyber Essentials course. Our Cyber Essentials Plus packages include the cost of Cyber Essentials certification, as set out by IASME. Any additional charges above the cost of Cyber Essentials certificate are for consultancy services. The level of consultancy services delivered will vary based on organisation size, as below:

  • Micro organisation (under 10 staff) costs  £1,650 +VAT
  • Small organisations (10-49 staff) costs £2,250 +VAT.
  • Medium organisations (50-249 staff) costs £3,250 +VAT.
  • Large organisations (250+ staff) costs £4,000 +VAT.

Ready for Cyber Essentials Plus? You can purchase guided certification on our packages page.

Can we save by buying both certifications together?

In short, yes. We pass on the savings gained from not having to onboard applicants twice. Understandably, these are our most popular packages. Our prices for our guided service certification to both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are listed below.

  • Micro organisation (under 10 staff) costs  £2,500 +VAT
  • Small organisations (10-49 staff) costs £3,300 +VAT.
  • Medium organisations (50-249 staff) costs £4,500 +VAT.
  • Large organisations (250+ staff) costs £5,750 +VAT.

You can buy certification to both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus here.

What is the cost of not gaining certification?

Let’s be frank – failure to take cyber security seriously could be the end of your business. A 2021 survey by IBM found that data breach costs rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the 17-year history of that report and a staggering leap in such a short space of time.

Organisations that are certified by the Cyber Essentials scheme are protected against 80% of the most common cyber attacks on UK businesses, including those with the most devastating results such as malware and ransomware.

Failing to obtain this certification could also be a barrier to winning future work. All UK government agencies require contractors to have obtained this certification and many large private sector organisations are following suit. The business world is awakening to the real threat of hackers and expects the companies that they work with to adopt a similar approach.

Get Certified

Contact Forensic Control to find out more about how to get your company or organisation cyber essentials or cyber essentials plus certification.

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