Forensic Control

A Guide to Incident Response in the Event of a Data Breach

Data breaches are a serious threat to any organisation that handles personal data (Data that relating to an identifiable person). A data breach occurs when information held by an organisation is stolen or accessed without authorisation. This can result in financial losses, reputational damage, legal liabilities and regulatory penalties for the organisation, as well as […]

The Roadmap to a Successful Cyber Security Strategy

In our digital age, cyber security isn’t just an option, it’s a must-have. It’s a shield that guards your reputation, finances, and day-to-day operations against the threats of the online world. A robust cyber security strategy is your best defence against common cyber dangers, keeping your business safe and sound in the fast-paced tech landscape. […]

Creating a Culture of Cyber Security: Tips for the financial sector

There is no denying Cyber threats are increasing in both momentum and sophistication, so for many business owners, Heads of security and IT the natural first step to protecting their organisation is to implement security technology. There are a wealth of Cyber Security experts and providers who can work with organisations to define their security […]

The Power of Cyber Security Consultancy in the Financial Sector

Cyber security is a critical issue for the financial sector, as it faces constant, increasing threats from hackers, cyber criminals, and nation-state actors. The financial sector holds a vast amount of sensitive and valuable data, such as customer information, transaction records, and market intelligence, that can be exploited for financial gain, espionage, or sabotage. A […]