Computer forensics & insider threat

We have been helping clients combat the insider threat since 2008. We’ve managed and investigated hundreds of cases where staff have stolen intellectual property, committed fraud and even where they’ve attempted to sabotage their employers. Using computer forensics and behavioural analysis we investigative, prevent and detect such incidents from occurring in first place, based on our years of experience of gathering evidence of the methods, motivators and behavioural patterns from internal ‘bad actors’

We realise that when our services are required that it is often during a stressful period for the requestor. With this in mind, we aim to provide a calm, discrete and efficient service to help you move towards a positive resolution. Call our central London office on 020 7193 3324 for a free consultation.

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About us

Forensic Control is a London based computer forensics company providing the highest standard of technology-driven data extraction and analysis services.

We specialise in identifying, collecting, preserving and analysing digitally stored data, providing high quality, legally admissible evidence to a wide range of UK clients. Where necessary we conduct covert data collections to maintain discretion during sensitive operations. No organisation can guarantee to find the data you are looking for but if it exists, Forensic Control will find it.

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