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Set up in 2008 by an ex-New Scotland Yard Hi-Tech Crime Unit analyst, we investigate, prevent and detect data breaches and computer misuse. We advise & audit clients on cyber security, provide computer forensics investigations, insider threat risk assessments and penetration tests.

Cyber Clinic

Through the Cyber Essentials scheme, we provide an affordable, attainable certification designed to help you considerably reduce your exposure to cyber attacks and data loss.This certification provides organisations with an effective, robust buffer against most common cyber risks.

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Do you need us to audit your online security, get a cyber security package recommendation or investige IP fraud, staff background or any other cyber crime ?

While each case is unique, we’ve produced a list advising on general best practice in the field of digital forensics.

We realise that our services are often required during a particularly stressful time. We provide a calm, discreet and efficient service to help you achieve a positive outcome.

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