Forensic Control brings you the best in computer forensic expertise. Our London based computer forensic experts analyse and present digital evidence, supplying independent, expert advice in plain English to support your case. We uncover all types of data – even after attempts have been made to delete or hide it – in order to provide our clients with compelling and legally admissible evidence. For specialist IT forensic expertise, call us on 020 7193 3324 for a free consultation.

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Top forensic readiness tips

  1. Do not use generic accounts e.g. ‘admin’
  2. Every user profile should be protected by a password that is not shared
  3. All network devices should have sufficient logging/auditing switched on
  4. Event logs should be backed up to secure location
  5. Does your back-up procedure do what you thought it did? Verify it. Can it be restored?

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What our clients say

“We have used Forensic Control for many years and worked with them on numerous projects. they are our preferred supplier for computer forensic investigations chosen because of the thorough and professional nature of the service coupled with the straightforward manner in which the technical findings are reported for the ease of understanding by the clients. A much recommended and valued resource to our company.”

Bob Carrigan, Managing Director, Boothroyd Associates (Corporate Investigators)

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Latest forensic article

In this article in our series on IP (intellectual property) theft we identify steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of all but the most determined from stealing IP. We’ve put these into three categories; audit, assess and implement. As you’ll see in the case study, although something of a cliché, prevention is indeed …

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How a forensic scientist's work can come undone. The Guardian (25 March 2014)

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UK Cyber Defence Unit may include "may include convicted hackers". BBC News (29 October 2013)

Forensic Control are very proud to announce our sponsorship of Nottingham Forest player Djamel Abdoun for the 2013/14 season (17 August 2013)

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