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About us

Forensic Control is an insider threat and risk management firm with offices in central London. With over a decade of experience in computer forensics and behavioural psychology, we’re experts at detecting and preventing cybercrime and the malicious behaviour typically seen in cases of fraud, IP theft and other employee security issues. 

We specialise in identifying, collecting, preserving and analysing digitally stored data, providing high quality, legally admissible evidence to a wide range of UK clients. Where necessary we conduct discreet covert data collections during sensitive operations. No organisation can absolutely guarantee they’ll find the data you are looking for, but if it exists we will find it.

We’re a privately held limited company started by Jonathan Krause, Founder and Principal Consultant, in 2008. Our consultants operate UK-wide, and include some of the most experienced and best regarded individuals in UK computer forensics investigations. We work in close collaboration with our American partners, Quortum, also respected insider threat specialists.

We provide an external independent service. All the work we do complies with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and follows the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence, ensuring any evidence produced is admissible in court or tribunal proceedings. We are happy to sign non-disclosure or similar agreements to ensure full confidentiality.

We’re proud to have established a hugely popular, uniquely broad library of free forensic tools, a resource used across the world by corporations, law enforcement and educational establishments.


Forensic Control is completely client focused, with the flexibility to respond at very short notice. Our clients include law firms, financial services providers, media companies, energy companies and public sector bodies. We don’t publish our client list because client affairs are treated with the strictest confidence, but if you need more information please get in touch.


We charge a simple hourly rate plus VAT. We are happy to discuss fixed fees for particular cases, which some of our clients prefer. Our rates are comparable to solicitors’ fees and we usually require advance payment. A basic forensic examination of a laptop or a PC, with a simple report,  would take 12-16 hours on average, but every case is unique. If you would like to discuss costs, please contact us.


Jonathan Krause MA

Jonathan Krause is the Founder and a Principal Consultant at Forensic Control Limited. He has more than a decade of experience in commercial and police digital forensics plus fourteen years’ experience in IT security.

Jonathan began his digital forensic career with the Metropolitan Police’s Hi-Tech Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard, and worked for a number of commercial providers of digital forensics including BDO LLP and Barclays Bank before setting up Forensic Control.

Recent cases include:

  • Providing evidence that a Chief Executive had defrauded his employer
  • An investigation discovering that a ex-employee had stolen important company information before leaving, which he used to set up a rival company
  • Showed that an IT administrator had secretly been selling company equipment on eBay for a number of years

Contact Jonathan at jonathan.krause@forensiccontrol.com

Principal Consultants

Bob Carrigan MSyl MIEEE

Bob Carrigan has over 35 years’ operational and investigative experience. During his last four years of police service Bob ran the Strathclyde Police CID Special Operations Technical Support Unit, developing and supplying a very high level of covert technical surveillance as well as technical analysis in the video, audio and digital fields. He has given evidence in criminal and civil proceedings on numerous occasions as an expert witness, particularly video evidence.

Bob was a key member of a national working party on Digital Evidence in the Criminal Justice System at the Home Office, the Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB). He is a qualified computer and mobile phone forensics analyst, having completed training with Guidance Software of Pasadena, California, USA in use of their EnCase software, with courses at introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert levels. He was the UK technical and forensics manager with the Federation Against Copyright Theft and has a broad knowledge of brand protection and intellectual property theft, optical disc piracy and technology and piracy issues generally.

Contact Bob at bob.carrigan@forensiccontrol.com

Charles S Davies

Charles Davies has thirty years’ experience as a police officer. For twenty years he was a detective on both Major Crime investigations (including cases of murder, kidnap, fraud and forgeries) and in a High-Tech Crime Unit conducting digital forensic examinations for many different types of crime. Since leaving the police in 2008 Simon has worked as a computer forensic consultant, carrying out digital investigations of international drug trafficking, fraud, IP theft and identity theft.

Charles is trained in a wide number of digital forensic areas, including the examination of mobile phones and other devices, and is an expert in various leading forensic tools including EnCase and FTK.

Contact Charles at charles.s.davies@forensiccontrol.com

Nigel Pugh MA (Criminology)

Nigel Pugh served for 30 years with Humberside Police, the last nine of which as a Detective Inspector where he directed investigations in the Fraud Unit and was head of the Hi-Tech Crime Unit. Nigel is a registered Expert Witness with more than 15 years’ experience managing and conducting computer forensic investigations. He still regularly undertakes assignments for a variety of law enforcement bodies including medical and financial regulators.

Nigel’s recent casework includes rebuilding web pages to prove defamation of character, recovering legal document fragments over seven years old, intellectual property theft, false accounting, possession of illegal images, handling stolen property, breach of acceptable use policies, harassment by email and High Court Litigation.

Contact Nigel at nigel.pugh@forensiccontrol.com

Dr Nigel Young MA (Cantab.) MMath PhD CEng MBCS CIPD MIMA FAE FCIArb

Nigel Young is a mathematician with a background in developing technical and commercial computer systems. He has acted as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases since 1995. As a former Chairman of The Academy of Experts, he contributed to Government discussions on the future of forensic and expert evidence.

In civil cases Nigel has acted in inter-company and employment disputes, often with an IP element (should this be an ‘IT element’, Jonathan?). He is a qualified arbitrator so can help with private dispute resolution. He has acted in criminal cases of fraud, counterfeiting, murder, abduction, stalking and illegal images, often re-examining forensic evidence and prosecution arguments on behalf of the defence.

Contact Nigel at nigel.young@forensiccontrol.com

If you are interested in becoming an associate of Forensic Control and have similar (or greater) experience than above then we would be happy to hear from you info@forensiccontrol.com

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