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Forensic Control is an insider threat and risk management firm with offices in central London. With over a decade of experience in computer forensics and behavioural psychology, we’re experts at detecting and preventing cybercrime and the malicious behaviour typically seen in cases of fraud, IP theft and other employee security issues. 

We specialise in identifying, collecting, preserving and analysing digitally stored data, providing high quality, legally admissible evidence to a wide range of UK clients. Where necessary we conduct discreet covert data collections during sensitive operations. No organisation can absolutely guarantee they’ll find the data you are looking for, but if it exists we will find it.

We’re a privately held limited company started by Jonathan Krause, Founder and Principal Consultant, in 2008. Our consultants operate UK-wide, and include some of the most experienced and best regarded individuals in UK computer forensics investigations. We work in close collaboration with our American partners, Quortum, also respected insider threat specialists.

We provide an external independent service. All the work we do complies with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and follows the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence, ensuring any evidence produced is admissible in court or tribunal proceedings. We are happy to sign non-disclosure or similar agreements to ensure full confidentiality.


Forensic Control is completely client focused, with the flexibility to respond at very short notice. Our clients include law firms, financial services providers, media companies, energy companies and public sector bodies. We don’t publish our client list because client affairs are treated with the strictest confidence, but if you need more information please get in touch.


We charge a simple hourly rate plus VAT. We are happy to discuss fixed fees for particular cases, which some of our clients prefer. Our rates are comparable to solicitors’ fees and we usually require advance payment. A basic forensic examination of a laptop or a PC, with a simple report,  would take 12-16 hours on average, but every case is unique. If you would like to discuss costs, please contact us.


Jonathan Krause M.A.

Jonathan Krause is the Founder and a Principal Consultant at Forensic Control Limited. He has more than a decade of experience in commercial and police digital forensics plus fourteen years’ experience in IT security.

Jonathan began his digital forensic career with the Metropolitan Police’s Hi-Tech Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard, and worked for a number of commercial providers of digital forensics including BDO LLP and Barclays Bank before setting up Forensic Control.

Recent cases include:

  • Providing evidence that a Chief Executive had defrauded his employer
  • An investigation discovering that a ex-employee had stolen important company information before leaving, which he used to set up a rival company
  • Showed that an IT administrator had secretly been selling company equipment on eBay for a number of years

Contact Jonathan at jonathan.krause@forensiccontrol.com

Our Consultants

Dr Serra Pitts BSc (Hons), MSc, MBPsS

Serra Pitts is a forensic psychoanalyst with a background in psychopathology and criminology. Her training includes the areas of criminal justice, victimology, personality disorder and crisis intervention. She has worked for the California Department of Corrections in the prison system and was recruited by one of the primary entities in the global intelligence community.

Serra leads Forensic Control’s investigation on people risk, where her expertise has been sought to evaluate prospective employees against the security of highly sensitive information. She has worked with businesses to conduct corporate risk assessments with consideration of personnel access to and use of sensitive data, as well as evaluate psychological stability and social interaction.

Contact Serra at serra.pitts@forensiccontrol.com

Steve Hulland

Steve Hulland served for over 31 years as a police officer. He has vast experience in the use of covert surveillance in all its guises, with the ability to plan, conduct and manage investigations and operations.

Following a successful career in the police, Steve was recruited to a globally recognised company to manage operations in the UK and across Europe. This involved managing and conducting all aspects of security and investigations including serious frauds, surveillance details, global Executive Protection details, physical security and physical security audits for multinational companies including those at risk in relation to specific threats. The was supplemented by producing detailed assessments, reports and recommendations, areas which he also specialises in for Forensic Control.

Contact Steve at info@forensiccontrol.com

Guy Carter

Guy spent 3 years in the armed forces before joining Thames Valley Police where he enjoyed a 30-year career the majority of which was spent as a criminal investigator.

Guy specialised in the field of covert investigation, using various tactics to gather vital evidence against organised crime groups. Following the proactive stage of any investigation, Guy would meticulously prepare the evidence to court standards. Guy has transferred these skills and techniques, honed as detective into private investigations with many of the same tactics utilised to assist in reaching the objectives set by our clients.

Contact Guy at info@forensiccontrol.com

Alice Norman-Taylor BSc MBPsS

Alice Norman-Taylor is undertaking a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology with Royal Holloway, University of London, following her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Westminster. Alice is the Business Development Coordinator at Forensic Control Limited.

Alice previously worked at the Witness Service at The Old Bailey Criminal Court in London offering practical and emotional support to those involved in high profile cases. At Forensic Control, Alice is responsible amongst other areas, for our online presence, social media and identifying business development opportunities.

Contact Alice at alice.norman-taylor@forensiccontrol.com

If you are interested in becoming an associate of Forensic Control and have similar (or greater) experience than above then we would be happy to hear from you hello@forensiccontrol.com

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