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Forensic Control Launch Staff Background Check Service

Your most valuable resource and your greatest threat

Staff, your number one asset, also present your greatest threat. We’re now offering clients the ability to reduce this risk through the launch of our staff background check service.

We’ve been investigating cyber-crime more than a decade, and in virtually every case we found that the breach was the result of malicious actions of employees. While staff are your most valuable resource, unfortunately, they also represent your most dangerous threat. Technical defences are of limited use in protecting against those legitimately in your office with access to all of your data.

From IT administrators deleting HR records to a salesperson leaving with your client list, we regularly see the damaging impact on organisations from disruptive employees.

Robust staff background checks from £250

To mitigate this risk we offer four levels of background checks to supplement the traditional referencing process; Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Premium Plus, with costs from just £250 per check.* These rigorous background checks can show breaks in employment, financial status, criminal history, mental and physical health. Remember that consent of those being checked is necessary to meet your obligations under data protection legislation.

Similar checks can be made on citizens of the USA, Russia, Israel, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Australia and others. Contact us for further details.

Pre-employment and in-employment screening by experts in their field

For this sensitive and highly confidential work, we use three of our most highly experienced staff. Stephen Hulland and Guy Carter are both former senior police detectives with decades of investigative experience behind them, while Dr Serra Pitts is a forensic psychoanalyst with a background in psychopathology and criminology.

For sensitive roles, you may also consider checks for your current employees, now seen as best practice in this field. People and their circumstances change over time, impacting their behaviour and attitudes. Regular screening can alert you to issues that you can address in assisting the staff member in question. Dr Pitts can support you in cultivating and maintaining staff wellbeing.

For further details on our staff background check service, please see our page for background checks or contact us.

*Costs are for checks resulting in an “average” amount of material on an employee. On occasion a great deal of information may be uncovered – in such situations we will inform you of this before you incur any further charges. Prices do not include VAT.

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