Background Checks

Pre-employment and in-employment background checking of staff ensures that you have a robust approach to the number one risk to your business – people. This is especially important with those who have access to sensitive material such as IT administrators and those working in finance and sales. Background screening gives you an indication of your staff’s integrity and suitability for the role they have been selected for.

We are perhaps unique in that our background checking is done exclusively by ex-senior detectives and clinically-trained psychoanalysts.

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Why should I check the background of my staff?

Staff Background Checks

Essentially, to protect your business and other staff. In our analysis of data breaches, we frequently encounter situations where appropriate background checking would have brought to light questions over the staff’s suitability for the role and prevented the company from having assets stolen or destroyed, and from the suffering the associated costs of such an event.

Employers reduce risk by performing additional vetting to supplement the traditional referencing process. It helps lower employment costs as improved employee quality & suitability results in lower labour turnover, and in increased brand protection and Compliance: a structured screening programme enables employers to demonstrate to their clients, regulators/industry bodies and investors that due process has been followed in reducing the possibility of employee-related threats such as fraud and theft.

What we provide:

We offer four levels of background check for subjects who live in the UK:


Confirmation of address including ownership, family situation, civil litigation checks and basic online searches.



Everything under Basic plus more detailed research into previous employment history and basic media checks.



Everything included in Enhanced plus analysis of CVs, checks with professional bodies etc.



Everything in Premium, plus analysis of results by a qualified psychologist to establish character traits that may pose a risk to your business.


*All costs are approximate for a check which results in an “average” amount of material on the subject being discovered. On occasion a great deal of information may be uncovered – in such situations we will inform you of this before you incur any further charges. Prices do not include VAT.

We also conduct similar levels of checks on citizens of the USA, Russia, Israel, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Australia and many others. Please get in touch for more details on this, and pricing, which is on a case by case basis.

Do I need consent from those who will be checked?

Yes, consent of those being checked is necessary to meet your obligations under data protection legislation. Plus, if candidates are aware that they will be robustly vetted they are unlikely to proceed with an application to work with you if they think that something unsavoury could be revealed, saving you wasted resources in the recruitment process.

We reserve the right to not to carry out background checks if we have reason to believe that consent has not been obtained.

Who actually does background checks for Forensic Control’s clients?

For this sensitive and highly confidential work, we currently just use 3 of our staff, Stephen Hulland and Guy Carter, both former senior police detectives with decades of investigative experience behind them, and Dr Serra Pitts, forensic psychoanalyst with a background in psychopathology and criminology.

Is this a one-off process?

It can be, but as people change the risks to your organisation from them can also change. Major life events, such as divorce, addiction, financial issues, etc., can, understandably, change a person’s character. In turn, this may negatively impact your organisation. Regular (yearly) checks may allow you to assist your staff if they are facing difficulties.

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