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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

We believe that every organisation which relies on the security and integrity of the systems benefit from ongoing vulnerability assessment rather than one-off penetration tests. The main issue with the traditional penetration test is that they are simply snapshots in time. In our opinion, this approach doesn’t offer a great deal of assurance as server/website/software vulnerabilities and exploits are found on a far more frequent basis than companies carry out such tests.

Forensic Control provides continuous assurance that your network’s perimeter is secure at a price comparable to one-off tests.

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Continuous Perimeter Assurance


Because your systems are always changing, Intruder performs frequent baseline assessments of your digital assets, to identify newly introduced weaknesses.


Expert penetration testers reduce false positives and investigate potential issues, while clever use of automation makes regular assessments possible.


Intruder issues notifications for newly released vulnerabilities that could be used to breach your systems.


Intruder is simple to use, and we explain issues and remediation advice in clear and concise language.

The Monthly Baseline

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We check that no equipment or services have been configured in a way which reduces their security, such as default credentials, or weak encryption.


Where software versions can be identified or fingerprinted, we check that the so ware is not missing any security patches which could leave it exposed.


Where custom made applications exist, we check that there are no application- layer weaknesses such as SQL Injection, or Cross-Site Scripting.

Emerging Threat Notifications

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Intruder performs a daily check of new vulnerabilities released, triaging each of them for the most critical issues.

Where a vulnerability is determined to be critical, Intruder will perform an ad-hoc assessment, to detect whether your systems are vulnerable to that specific issue.

If your systems are affected, the results are added to the portal. Intruder also sends notifications via an email, text message to a specified phone, or via the Intruder mobile app.

Competitive Landscape

Package options

  • Baseline

    • For security-conscious startups, or large enterprises starting vulnerability management for the first time.
    • £45 per system / month
    • Get a hacker’s eye-view of your network
    • Monthly full vulnerability assessment
    • Meaningful reports
    • Email updates

  • Pro

    • For startups with banking clients, or large enterprises that have sophisticated requirements.
    • Priced on quotation
    • All Standard features plus…
    • Daily alerting where emerging vulnerabilities affect your systems
    • Potential issues investigated by expert penetration testers
    • Expert false positive reduction
    • Flexible assessment schedules
    • Bolt-on assessments

Top 10 IT forensic dos

Tip 5 . Do not inform anyone other than necessary that an investigation is underway

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