Computer Forensics

Since our formation in 2008, Forensic Control has worked on hundreds on investigations, using expert computer forensics to provide our clients with answers to many issues including:

  • Which files did an employee copy to a USB stick in the days before they resigned?
  • Which inappropriate websites were visited at which times and dates. What did they search for on Google?
  • What material an employee sent to themselves via a private email address
  • What was the timelines of events, e.g., account created at 10:13, files downloaded at 10:15, USB stick attached at 10:16, files deleted at 11:15

Our work is carried out in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers’ “Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence” and Part 35 of the Civil Procedure rules ensuring admissibility in court or tribunal proceedings.

We recover all types of evidence, even if attempts have been made to delete or hide it. We can provide you with a solid case producing all the relevant emails and documents and other files from your computers and servers alongside easy to read reports written in plain English.

If you would like to know more about computer forensics and when and where it is used, please see our Beginners Guide to Computer Forensics.

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Case Study

computer forensics

A financial institution had dismissed a senior managing director due to performance issues. The dismissed employee began legal proceedings against his former employer, claiming unfair dismissal. Forensic Control was asked to look at their work computer and USB drives. We discovered thousands of pornographic images that had been downloaded to his work laptop and then transferred to personal USB drives. Time-line analysis revealed that the searching and downloading of the images was carried out during office hours. We also found evidence of the subject using the laptop to order illegal items. The report we produced for our client provided the evidence to reject the claim of unfair dismissal.

Our approach

We understand that organisations who need this service often do so in times of great pressure and stress. Our staff are trained to help you in a discreet and empathic manner, enabling you to make informed decisions in times of crisis.

Although Forensic Control are very technical and thorough in our analysis of data, when we deal with clients we know that they are rarely computer experts.  We are able to discuss client issues patiently without resorting to jargon and our reports are written in plain English.

Top 10 IT forensic dos

Tip 5 . Do not inform anyone other than necessary that an investigation is underway

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