penetration testing

Penetration Testing – Why is it Essential?

Prevention is always better than cure
Attackers prey on the weak and will find vulnerabilities to take advantage of. The same applies for online attackers too. Hacking is becoming more of an effortless process where people with no computer skills are turning into online criminals. Therefore, Penetration Testing is essential to ensure the decreased likelihood of your company facing the possible detrimental consequences if prevention is not addressed. If you are a company that relies on IT security or you manage confidential data, you must identify these weaknesses in your system before an attacker does.

Penetration Testing, otherwise known as Pen Testing, is a method carried out on computer systems, network or web page to find vulnerabilities. They can be carried out using software applications or it can be performed manually. In other words, experts will ‘hack’ into your system to test to see how easily they can get in, reflecting how easy it is for a real hacker to enter your device.

The process
Experts will gather information about the device before the test begins and at this point they will identify possible entry points. Here they will attempt to break in and then report back their findings. Pen testing may also reveal vulnerabilities that you did not know existed. This was the case for the famous retail store, TJ Maxx, where they discovered that they had been unknowingly losing customer data for a year and only found out at the time of a penetration test.

Although penetration testing is extremely necessary and beneficial, the main issue with the traditional pen test is that it only provides the security of the target for that moment in time, however, this does not offer reassurance as vulnerabilities and exploits can emerge at any time. A lot of places will suggest carrying out a Pen test on a one-off occasion or at the most, once a year. However, systems are continuously changing and anything can happen.

How often do we recommend Pen Testing?
At Forensic Control, we believe on-going penetration testing is essential to increase security and safety within your networks. Continuous assurance is key to feeling secure in running your businesses. We recommend using a service that constantly updates you and helps identify and resolve any vulnerabilities that may unexpectedly emerge. At Forensic Control, we offer Pen Testing using ‘Intruder’, which is a hybrid approach service that reduces false positives and carries out regular assessments. Intruder notifies you of emerging threat in a timely manner and additionally, you do not need to be a cyber security expert to you use it. Prevention is always better than cure.

If you would like to discuss the Penetration testing that Forensic Control offer, please contact us.