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Forensic Control – Your Cyber Essentials Certifying Body  

As the British government’s Cyber Essentials programme reveals, the nation’s leaders have started to take cyber threats very seriously indeed. Wanting to be able to offer the most up-to-date security advice to our clients we  became official Cyber Essentials assessors earlier this year. So what does this latest initiative mean to our clients?

British businesses face a growing risk of cyber breach

A whopping one in four British businesses reported a cyber breach or attack during the last 12 months. 33% of small businesses reported an attack and bigger businesses were under even greater threat, with 65% reporting incidents of cyber mischief during the past year.

All it takes is a simple virus or piece of malware. Even the most basic attacks can cost money and time as well as disrupting business. Loss of data can even breach the Data Protection Act, resulting in fines or  prosecution.

Helping you protect your systems, data, revenue and reputation

The government’s Cyber Essentials initiative is designed to help organisations like yours put valuable basic protection in place to prevent the most common internet attacks and breaches, looking after your revenue, data, reputation, brand values, systems and intellectual property.

Whatever the size of your company, you’re at risk. Criminals are happy to target any and every business that isn’t properly protected, every organisation whose systems are vulnerable, every piece of low-hanging fruit.

What you would do if your customer database or other business-critical data was stolen? How would you react if your website was forced offline? Could you work effectively without email access? What if you couldn’t access your email?

Most cyber attacks exploit simple weaknesses in a business’s systems and software. Cyber Essentials reveals exactly how to address basic security measures to stop the most common attacks in their tracks.

Why we became a Cyber Essentials assessor

How will we support good business as an official Cyber Essentials Assessor? With our help you’ll have the knowledge needed to protect your organisation against the most common threats, showing your customers that you take cyber-crime (and their data) seriously. Holding a Cyber Essentials badge also means your business meets a Government-endorsed standard, and can therefore bid for certain government contracts.

In a world where far too many organisations fail at the basics and threats are becoming ever more sophisticated, it’s vital to protect your business interests properly and have a good level of control over the risks. The scheme is endorsed by the CBI and respected by business leaders, who genuinely benefit from the authoritative security guidance it provides. The scheme also offers those who pass free automatic cyber liability insurance for UK domiciled organisations with less than £20m turnover who pass the assessment (terms apply)

As an officially recognised Cyber Essentials assessor, Forensic Control is a Cyber Essentials certifying body. Certifying Bodies such as our are accredited to carry out Cyber Essentials evaluations on behalf of our clients. We’re delighted to have been approved, passing all the requirements the government insists upon.

Next time we’ll look at exactly what we had to do to be accepted as a government approved Certifying Body for the scheme. In the meantime, stay safe and secure! We offer a wide range of services including penetration testing. If you’re not certain you’re doing all the right things to keep your business systems and data safe and secure, give us a call.

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