Computer security
made simple

Our packages

Cyber security can be daunting, the advice confusing and the solutions expensive.

By guiding you through simple steps we’ll help you certify to the UK’s most effective, and attainable, cyber security standard, Cyber Essentials.

We make cyber security painless, letting you focus on running your business.

Our approach

Our people-centred approach provides support and help at every stage.​

We’re focused on ease of process, resulting in you being able to demonstrate that you take security seriously.

What’s more, once you’re certified we remain there for you, providing 12 months of free cyber security advice from the date of your certification.

Forensic Control founder Jonathan Krause, has two decades of experience in cyber security and data breach investigations.

Jonathan says:

“Investigating the causes and impact of so many breaches has given me a deep understanding of where organisations should focus to prevent such attacks. I’ve seen how complicated advice, jargon and poor communication act as a block on firms implementing the controls which will keep them safe. It’s in this spirit that I’ve launched Cyber Clinic.”