Industrial espionage

Industrial espionage (also known as economic or corporate espionage) includes attempts to access information about a company’s plans, products, clients or trade secrets. It can also include attempts to destroy data or prevent the owner from accessing it.

We check servers, laptops and desktop computers for unauthorised access to a company’s systems and can help build a picture of how the intrusion occurred.

Case study

Forensic Control was involved in a complex, high-value case where multiple computers and servers held evidence of the systematic deletion of important data. The person accused of the deletion was a highly experienced IT administrator who had gone to significant lengths to cover his tracks. Low-level deletion software had been renamed, run remotely over the company network and then deleted, leaving minimal artefacts. Our computer forensic specialists recreated these conditions on their test network and were able to produce the same artefacts that we found on the original computers and servers. This information helped our client to refute the explanations provided by the IT administrator in a very high value litigation case.

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