Forensic Control – securing data since 2008

Forensic Control is a computer forensic and cyber security company based in the City of London. Read some of our reviews here.

We were launched in 2008 by Jonathan Krause. He has been a computer forensic specialist since 2004, including a period in the Hi-Tech Crime Unit for the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard. Since then, he and his team have advised on hundreds of data breach cases for corporate clients of all sizes.

Investigating the causes and impact of so many breaches means we’ve gained a deep understanding of where organisations need to focus to prevent such attacks. And we’ve seen how complicated advice, jargon and poor communication can act as a block which prevents firms from implementing the very controls that will keep them safe. We found a natural fit for this in the Cyber Essentials scheme, the UK’s leading cyber security certification, providing straightforward advice preventing the majority of everyday cyber attacks.

Since our launch, Forensic Control have been aware of how daunting cyber security can be to those who need it most. The best best cyber security is that which is both achievable and understandable. We regularly produce guides, such as a beginners guide to computer forensics, a simple guide to security for home workers and writing a simple cyber security plan.

We look forward to helping you keep your data safe.

    Jonathan Krause | Founder