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Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Forensic acquisition of a secure boot enabled Fujitsu laptop – what is the best method?

Forum members discuss why a Windows 7 MBR system may be unable to view a Windows 8 hard drive.

Car camera forensics – where do car cameras store data, and how can it be accessed? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members explain how to recover internet history from an XBOX Live hard drive using IEF.

How does Microsoft Excel encrypt passwords? Chime in on the forum.

Should we take deleted data as a sign of guilt?

Forum members discuss whether it is possible to link an SD card to a specific phone.

Forum member jhall236 asks some questions about working in forensics for his Digital Forensics AS.

Add your suggestions to the list of books that every forensics investigator should read.Posted: 15 April 2014

HMIC report highlights concern over cybercrime plans

Three out of 43 police forces in England and Wales have a comprehensive plan to deal with a large-scale cyber-attack, a report has found.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) warned only Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and West Midlands had sufficient plans in place.

It also found only 2% of police staff across 37 forces had been trained on investigating cybercrime…

Read (BBC)Posted: 10 April 2014

CSI IT: Forensic security skills for IT professionals

TV shows such as CSI have popularised the world of digital forensics, glamorising the field and piquing the interest of a generation of graduates and career-movers, writes Kevin Waugh.

Because of this, it would be natural to assume that most businesses could now call on an extensive pool of talented experts in the forensics field capable of investigating technical security issues, such as the source of internal intellectual property (IP) leaks, or the theft of sales books by ex-employees moving to rival companies.

The reality is somewhat different…

Read ( 09 April 2014

Tableau™ USB 3.0 Products Meet Forensic Users Need for High-Performance and Ease

Today’s Tableau catalog offers USB 3.0 support across a variety of forensic products: from write blockers to forensic duplicators. Our experience and our forensic customers tell us that when given the choice, they will always choose the fastest computer connection or system interface available to them. We’ve focused on USB 3.0 because of its speed and prevalence in today’s computer systems. The USB 3.1 specification (released in 2013) doubles the current theoretical rate for USB 3.0, ensuring a long lifecycle for USB 3 technology.Posted: 01 April 2014

Cyber-bullies could face two years in jail under new internet troll rules

People convicted of cyber-bullying and text message abuse could face up to two years in prison, under plans backed by the UK government.

The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has backed an amendment to the criminal justice bill that would target new rules at combating trolls that sexually harass and verbally abuse people on the internet or via mobile phones in England and Wales.

The amendment, due to be discussed in parliament on Thursday, was proposed by the Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton Angie Bray, after one of her constituents said her 14-year-old daughter had been “verbally raped” by 2,000 obscene texts sent by an older man, who escaped conviction…

Read (The Guardian)Posted: 26 March 2014

Real-Time Data Acquisition with Oxygen Forensic Extractor

Oxygen Forensics releases Oxygen Forensic Extractor enabling data acquisition from several thousand mobile devices. The new toolkit enables OEM manufacturers to build real-time data acquisition systems for law enforcement and forensic customers.

The new toolkit implements Oxygen’s know-how on extracting information from legacy and current mobile devices, enabling its users to acquire data over a USB or Bluetooth connection from more than 7700 mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile 5/6, RIM (Blackberry), Symbian OS, Bada OS, or using the popular Chinese MTK chipset. The toolkit is available to OEM builders and hardware manufacturers supplying hardware and software-based acquisition systems to law enforcement and forensic customers.Posted: 25 March 2014

Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Forum members discuss OSINT training and their experiences with the courses.

Is it possible to extract a single video file from a cell phone? Chime in on the forum.

Forum members provide tips for getting started with file system forensic analysis.

Blackphone – what are the implications for digital forensics? Will it be the same as analysing any other Android system?

Forum members discuss how to extract data from Android systems using ADB.

Training scenarios for Law Enforcement agents – add your suggestions in the forum.

Using EnCase to decrypt Bitlocker – how does it work?

Forum members share their tips for successful job interviews.Posted: 20 March 2014

Accelerating Investigations Using Advanced eDiscovery Techniques (webinar)

A recording of the recent webinar “Accelerating Investigations Using Advanced eDiscovery Techniques” presented by Paul Slater and Ady Cassidy from Nuix is now online here.

Watch this webinar to find out how to deal with large volumes of electronic evidence while balancing business demands including reduced budgets and resources, spiralling case backlogs and ever decreasing timescales.

Viewers may also wish to join the forum discussion, view the webinar on YouTube or read a full transcript.Posted: 19 March 2014

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